Kitchen Crew (Part Time)

RM8.00 hourly
  • Full Life Enterprise
  • Sep 08, 2020
Prosthetics Restaurant-Food Service

Job Description


  1. Preparation of mise-en-place, or food items ready to be used during service.
  2. Preparation of goods and dishes to customers according to SOP and restaurant standards.
  3. Maintain food hygiene and food safety practices at all times.
  4. Cook and plate food items according to specifications, and quality checked before serving to customers.
  5. Maintain smooth and efficient kitchen operation during service.
  6. Work with chefs to develop new menu items or prepare for special events when necessary.
  7. Minimize waste and returned food from customers, and prepare wastage reports.
  8. Ensure all kitchen equipment and working areas are clean at all times.
  9. Clean dishes, glasses and utensils brought in by service crew after customers have dined.
  10. Restock dishes, glasses, utensils, pots and other equipment back to their rightful places to be ready for use once cleaned.
  11. Deep clean entire kitchen at the end of each working week.


  1. F&B experience preferred but not necessary. Non-experienced candidates encouraged to apply.
  2. Malaysian citizen, or foreigner with valid work permit.
  3. Ex-convicts, disabled persons, and senior citizens are encouraged to apply.
  4. Basic math skills.
  5. Attentive and patient with learning and teaching with team members.
  6. Strong organizational skills and able to multitask and perform well in fast paced situations.
  7. Must be able to speak English fairly well.
  8. Flexibility to adjust work times as necessary.
  9. Active listening and effective communication skills.
  10. Must be able to work as part of a team, not just on his/her own.


Job type: Part Time

Location: SS17, Subang Jaya

Salary (Part Time): RM8 per hour

Benefits: Uniform and training provided.