Veritas University College

At Veritas University College, its not just about having exceptional programmes at even better fees, its also about simplifying your access to education to help you take control and can get the most out of your day.  So whether your thrive on flexibility or driven by speed, we have the study modes to compliment your priorities.

Online / Blended Learning: Students are able to manage their own independent learning experience with access to proprietary materials and learning tools via our online platform. Blended learning further incorporates a ‘hybrid’ approach by providing students the added opportunity for monthly face-to-face instruction for the purpose of an enhanced learning experience.

Full-time Learning: A great way to experience university life, this mode incorporates the ‘teacher-centric’ approach which involves  structured face-to-face classes based on an academic calendar within a brick and mortar campus.

Part-time Learning: Popular among working adults, our extensive range of professional and continuous development programmes are conducted over the weekends to enable students to access our purpose built and industry-driven courses.