Myfizro Duit Sdn Bhd

MYFIZRO ENTERPRISE was established in August 2016 with the purpose of reestablishing AISKRIM MALAYSIA (Our Local Truly Malaysian Aiskrim) back into the mainstream market. Our focus are on these 4P’s which is (Pembungkususan : Packaging, Pengeluaran : Manufacturing, Pengedaran : Distribution and Perisa : Flavour) in ensuring that only the best is served !!!

Kami adalah peniaga IKS pengeluar & pengedar aiskrim Malaysia yang beroperasi di Lembah Klang. Premis di Taman Desa Cheras KL. Boleh rujuk IG & FB : Myfizro 

Milik Bumiputera Muslim

Owner : 0192283851 (Pett Suhaimi )