DME Solutions Sdn Bhd

DME Solutions Sdn Bhd is a green building & township consultancy company. The highly collaborative and multidisciplinary team is managed by architects and engineers with extensive experience and knowledge in sustainability. Our cross-disciplinary team is capable of bringing together individuals with different expertise, creating a solid framework for successful green building / township project.

Our commitment to environment and sustainability enables us to enhance the value of a diverse range of residential and non-residential projects. Our services provide comprehensive solutions to a green building / township in an effort to improve the energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, site planning, water efficiency and optimization of resources. Our consultancy services span all phases of a project from schematic design through contract implementation to operation and maintenance of the buildings / townships.

Our vision is to truly be an industry leader in providing green building & township solutions. We have a good track record of working with local and international clients. We also have wide experiences in advising on energy and environmental sustainable design (ESD) for large scale mixed used developments in South East Asia.