ASK Resources

At ASK Resources, we do not just fulfill job vacancies, we bring top talents to the table. As professionals who recruit for living, we believe that humans and their talents are the core of businesses.

Talent pool is not the only expansion we have throughout 14 years of our journey. But rather, we foster relationship with candidates by interacting with them in a meaningful and personalized manner and ultimately earning their affinity and advocacy.

For employers, our experienced and professional consultants listens attentively, understanding beforehand and identifying your concern before providing tailored solutions for both your talent acquisition and talent engagement requirements concurrently. Most importantly, we urge ourselves to stay up to date with the latest trends in the world of talent acquisition in order to fulfill each hiring needs, tactfully.

We proactively recruit top talents for our business partners, assisting them to search for hidden gems that are passive in their job searching process. We value both our business partners and candidates by acting as a filler gap, closing the deal and creating a mutually beneficial situation for both parties. This helps us to stay true to the vision of our company and strive continual success in the competitive market.