Impressive Transforms Sdn Bhd

  • Lot 1&2, Fasa 4C, Jalan PBR 33, Kawasan Perindustrian Bukit Rambai,75250 Melaka

ITSB or IMPRESSIVE WOOD was established in 2014. The location at the Bukit Rambai Industrial Estate, Melaka. ITSB produces sawn boards (wet) and sold directly to the factory. It was a thriving and viable Bumiputera company in the timber industry.

Even dry wood (wages) is also sold to furniture entrepreneurs. Our objective is to become sawmills and competitive edge of furniture that is competitive and able to supply to furniture operators throughout Malaysia.

 In line with our vision of supplying dry board and furniture companions to local factories, we are always looking for exporting opportunities such as China, Japan, and Europe. Our mission is to become a dry board supplier, shave four sides (S4S) and panelboard to a local furniture factory and manufacture D.I.Y furniture products and also an open showroom in Melaka.