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CMCO: Bake With Dignity, a social enterprise for people with special needs, hard hit

CMCO: Bake With Dignity, a social enterprise for people with special needs, hard hit

To cope with the first movement control order (MCO) in March, Bake with Dignity – a social enterprise that provides paid employment for people with learning disabilities – sold vouchers in order to secure some income for rent and salaries.

“The team decided to sell vouchers that could be redeemed for baked goods and savoury foods later,” said Pang Hin Yue, job coach and supervisor in charge of kitchen operations.

Once they reopened, which they did sometime in June, the team was kept busy fulfilling the orders from the vouchers.

“It took a while for the business to pick up momentum. Once we resumed operations, we started meeting the orders from people who had bought the vouchers earlier.

“Last month, we had a good run because business really picked up. People started catering and having workshops again,” added Pang.

“But now we have to close again. We decided that was for the best for everyone’s safety. We really hope the conditional MCO is just for two weeks and not prolonged.

“If it is prolonged, our plan is to open but limit the number of bakers who come to work, with their parents’ permission. But it’s very unlikely we can go back to business as usual,” said Pang, feeling dejected.

During the first MCO, there were many cancelled orders. This time round, Pang said when the number of Covid-19 cases started to climb before the conditional MCO was announced, they were already experiencing fewer orders.

“That was because people were already seeing the signs of a potential MCO.”

Nonetheless, Pang is thankful for loyal supporters of Bake With Dignity, especially Jennifer Peters, who is also on the board of directors.

“She has been really helpful in terms of raising funds, finding donors for equipment, and helping with orders.

“Key players like her really help us a lot. Through her contacts, other people help support us in terms of cash and kind. We are very thankful for people who understand what we do.

“There are also many donors who wish to remain anonymous and are very modest about helping us. In times of pandemic, we are really grateful for people who support us,” said Pang.

For more info, visit its Facebook page or call 010-288 1203 (Foustina).

 ---The Star Newspaper