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By Pavithra Gopalakrishnan & Yoong Chia Chuen (BAC Apprentices) Malaysia may just be a small country made up of multiple races, diverse cultures, and religions but when it comes to sports, we have only one emotion, MALAYSIA BOLEH! With the recent Tokyo 2020 Summer Paralympic Games still fresh in our minds, let’s pay tribute to each hero who showcased the best of their talents in the international arena. Heroes Who Won...
“Energy and persistence conquer all things.” This quote by Benjamin Franklin resonates well with those who are faced with challenges yet managed to overcome them through the sheer persistence and determination they have within themselves. No community demonstrates this better than persons with disabilities (PWDs) especially in challenging times like this, and with the country battling an economic downturn. The food and...
What does an ideal workplace mean to you? Undeniably, one would equate “ideal” as having a reasonable salary, a positive work culture, personal development, career growth, great perks and benefits, as well as a good employer-employee relationship. Nevertheless, it is also vital for an employee to feel safe and comfortable at the workplace. This includes all employees, both abled and differently abled. However, the...
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For the Special Needs Community:

Disability or living with special needs should not prevent you from holding a great job or starting your own business but the job search can be challenging.

Our goal is to eliminate barriers to employment and bridge the gap between job seekers with special needs and the employers who want to hire them via our online interface, specifically designed to deliver "barrier-free" e-recruitment.

For Companies:

Our goal is to increase employment among people with special needs by partnering with equal opportunity employers.

We provide a dedicated space for you to post job opportunities or search resumes, so your business can promote diversity and inclusivity by hiring differently-abled people.