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Compiled by: Chark Jen Wei Art is one of those skills that are accessible to just about anybody. Almost anyone can create art. Today, art has become more accessible and cheaper, so here are some tips to get started; 1. Free Software For image manipulation and vector designs, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator have been the industry standard for decades. Their hefty price of RM87.33 might be a turn off to...
By Chen Lee Yun The term disability refers to the lack of adequate power, strength, physical or mental ability, or incapacity that hinders or prevents one from carrying out work or household responsibilities, or engaging in leisure and social activities. This may include visual, hearing, learning, mental, physical, multiple obstacles, and speech impairment. In the Disability Act, there are guarantees for the disabled - employment,...
Written by: S. Haarshini Job hunting and employment is no walk in the park for anyone, even for those with impressive resumes and backgrounds. However, the competitive job market combined with today’s fast-paced world, has made it especially difficult for people with disabilities to get employed. About 15% of the world’s population experience some form of disability. That is nearly one billion people. Unfortunately,...
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For the Special Needs Community:

Disability or living with special needs should not prevent you from holding a great job or starting your own business but the job search can be challenging.

Our goal is to eliminate barriers to employment and bridge the gap between job seekers with special needs and the employers who want to hire them via our online interface, specifically designed to deliver "barrier-free" e-recruitment.

For Companies:

Our goal is to increase employment among people with special needs by partnering with equal opportunity employers.

We provide a dedicated space for you to post job opportunities or search resumes, so your business can promote diversity and inclusivity by hiring differently-abled people.